Cuddle Party when you’re down.

11 Oct

You’ve got to love Byron Bay. It’s not enough to have Reiki, past-life therapy, tarot, dream therapy, ten types of yoga, hypnotherapy and meditation. Now, there’s cuddle party. A cuddle party is ‘a heart-based modality unique and stand-alone from any other conscious therapeutic and adult services.’ As far as I can work out, you turn up and have a group cuddle with a bunch of strangers.

I try to imagine the type of person who might turn up to a cuddle party. Fail abysmally. Clearly, I am not a very adventurous person. Other people out there must be thinking; Cuddle party? That sounds like a great way to spend Saturday night.

Cuddling strangers seems a strange thing to do to me – to turn up at a pre-arranged time, pay money, be facilitated to have a cuddle. For me, cuddles are a more spontaneous thing. But perhaps a facilitated cuddle is no stranger than group laughs or group eating. Maybe if you’re feeling a bit down, it’s a great thing to do.

Unless no-one wants to cuddle you. It’s hard to imagine how much of a loser you’d feel not being able to get a cuddle at a cuddle party. Worse than not being able to find your kundalini at the kundalini dance workshop, or bond with your crystal at the crystal workshop.

Does anyone else rate an epic fail in new age sensitivity?

2 Responses to “Cuddle Party when you’re down.”

  1. clareflourish October 11, 2011 at 7:22 am #

    I told a German friend that I was going to a cuddle workshop, and she said, “Cuddle- _workshop_?” Well, you know, we British, so buttoned up even still. It was great, and lovely men did indeed cuddle me. I get cheek-kissing moments, and warm, loving hugs, elsewhere, but building up gently from light touch, then hand massage, then face-stroking, we got warm and deep. I highly recommend the cuddle workshop in London run by James and Anna.

    • Lisa Walker October 11, 2011 at 8:24 pm #

      That sounds very lovely Clare, thanks for sharing your experience. I might have to be brave and try it some time. Maybe in London…

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