The Anti-Domestic Goddess (dinner on the table in thirty minutes or less)

7 Nov

I quite admire Nigella Lawson. I love the way she swans around licking cream off her fingers and proffering her bosom with the profiteroles. If that was all it took to be a domestic goddess, I could probably manage it. Apart from the bosom part, Nigella has it all over me there.

Cooking is very sexy. Men who can cook are like men with guitars; it’s hard to go past them. And if they can cook and play guitar, well… look out. I don’t mind cookbooks either. They’ve always seemed a little like soft porn – all that sautéing and simmering, the basting and rolling. Who needs erotic fiction?

I come from a family of fantastic cooks. My mother has published several recipe books and my sister has picked up the baton, so, what happened to me? Sometimes I think that recipe book Four Ingredients may have been overdoing it. Left to myself, I would probably eat pasta with cheese on every night of the week.

My choice of recipes is governed by one thing and one thing only – time. Recipes have to be achievable in thirty minutes or less.  Spaghetti bol, lasagne, curry, fried rice, baked fish and chips, spinach pie, lemon chicken or frittata in half an hour? Impossible? No. Come around to my place any night of the week and I can prove it. But I think I could improve my performance. Dinner in Twenty Minutes is the recipe book I would buy in an instant.

Do you have a favourite quick meal?

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