You have mastered the chair very quickly (overheard in Byron Bay)

16 Nov

We hear them every day, those wacky or strange slivers of conversations without a context. All we can do is imagine what came before and after. An afternoon eavesdropping in Byron Bay could provide enough fodder for about twenty books. I always have my pen and paper handy. Just the other day I enjoyed overhearing the following:

I don’t want to be her sex toy anymore (one teenage boy to another). As you can imagine, my heart bled for this poor boy. Here he was, looking for someone to read books with, play backgammon, discuss philosophy and all she wanted was sex, sex, sex. That’s the trouble with girls these days; they’re only after one thing.

You have mastered the chair very quickly (hammock-chair salesman to potential customer who is attempting to sit in it): Since when did chairs have to be mastered before they could be used? Nice positive feedback though. And nothing like having a chair that only responds to one master to make you feel good about yourself.

Your mind just takes over! (said in amazement): Funny how it does that.

There’s toxins everywhere (one sunbathing woman to another): Perhaps, but I’d be more worried about skin cancer myself.

If there’s a kid he can relate to, I know they’re a Steiner kid: I have nothing at all against Steiner, but this couldn’t help but narrow the playmate field a bit.

We were meant to be together. If she had been free and I had been free, it definitely would have happened (very old man to slightly younger man): Now there is an epic love story just waiting to be told.

Does anyone else have a fabulous snippet of conversation to share?

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